A Day in the Life of Colorado Timberdoodlers

We have 5 people in our family: Mom, Dad, Daughter (13), Son (9), and Son (6).

Dad is a carpenter/builder and spends as much time as he can taking his family on adventures.

Mom likes to sew and read, but enjoys staying home and schooling her kids the most.

Daughter is going to be a wildlife biologist and had a great time on our trip to Yellowstone last year seeing all the animals.

Middle son is a kind-hearted kid, always putting others before himself. He loves Minecraft.

The youngest loves all things Transformers and is a very charming boy. Both boys love and are very creative with Legos.

We have two dogs: one Golden-doodle and a Scottish Terrier mix who is a pound rescue. We like to hike, camp, and go bouldering all together. The dogs even climb the rocks with us.

Our Morning:

This is a typical day for our past school year. We all wake up around 7:00 and eat breakfast. We usually eat eggs, toast, smoothies, waffles, or muffins.

We go to ‘school’ at 8:00 am. Our school room is at Nana’s house just down the road. We ride our bikes, the four-wheelers, or take the car if the weather is bad or it’s too snowy.

We use a bunch of different curriculums including: Saxon, Math U See, All About Reading, All About Spelling, Story of the World, and some critical thinking books.

We usually have set chores for set days of the week. Monday is the bathroom, Tuesday the kitchen, etc. Everyone pitches in (usually)

Our Afternoon:

We typically do leftovers or sandwiches or salads for lunch.

We try to be done with school by noon, but science and art sometimes get pushed to the afternoon.

We have one day a week we ‘go into town’ (45 minutes away) to get groceries and mom has an exercise class.

My daughter will spend time in the afternoons sometimes looking up wildlife webcams online. The boys play Legos. We usually watch a show or play on Kindles for a bit as ‘downtime’.

Our Evening:

Dinner varies. I have an app that gives me meal ideas and a grocery list. That helps a lot.

High points of the day are getting our chores done and having outside time.

Low points would be fit throwing because of school and chores. 🙂

We end the day with showers, or reading, or watching a show all together.

Just for Fun:

This year we weren’t involved in extra activities. We had done shared school in the past and wanted a ‘break’ year. The only days that get cut short are the days we go to town for my exercise class and groceries. We don’t get chores done that day.

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