A Day in the Life of California Timberdoodlers

Hey, I’m Jesse, a homeschooling mom to my very spirited 6 1/2-year-old son Caden.

We live with my senior citizen parents out on a little ranch in the remote foothills of Northern California.

We have a Siamese cat, lots of fish, horses and we plan on having pigs one day!

I work from home as a single mom blogger and entrepreneur.

We are just wrapping up our first year of homeschooling! Kindergarten was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be, but we eventually found success and are ending our first year on a happy note.

Our Morning:

We just got back from 2 weeks off from school for a mini summer break. We were back at it today and a very beautiful Monday. I slept in, but Caden got up bright and early and went straight outside after breakfast to play on his new water slide.

After I was up, I made superfood smoothies and started out the day with unpacking all of our things from vacation and checking my email.

We then sat down at the dining room table for a quick bit of school. When it’s warm out we usually sit outside on the picnic table but today we just didn’t feel like walking up the hill so we stayed inside. We only have 3 books left to finish up before we officially end this school year, so we did 2 pages in each and then Caden curled up on the couch for some cartoons.

We usually do school in the mid to late afternoons and school for 1-2 hours. Since he’s only in kindergarten and he has severe ADHD that is all we can manage in a day. We have used quite a lot of curriculum from Timberdoodle, and a few things from Rainbow Resources and Christian Books.

My son was not willing to do his chores today, so we are currently working on that! Oh, the joys of little boys!

Our Afternoon:

Most of our day happens in the afternoon. We do our school, chores and daily routine in the afternoon.

Today we didn’t leave the house. We usually only go out when we need groceries or Caden has a play date, because we live in the very remote country and it’s over an hour’s drive to town! So when we run errands it’s an all-day outing!

Right now we are working on building props for a Ghostbuster home movie Caden and his cousin will be filming together. They are obsessed with Ghostbusters and have been building their own proton packs and costumes! Its been so much fun to watch them get creative.

Our Evening:

Right now I am cooking up some cheeseburgers for dinner, working on some things for my blog and writing this while Caden is snacking on some chips and watching Nick. Jr.

We are ready to relax for the night, cuddle in my chair, take showers and be ready for bed in a few hours.

Our days are not very interesting or busy but we try to make them better each day.

Just for Fun:

The first half of the year, we did basketball. Caden didn’t really enjoy it so it doesn’t look like we will be doing that again.

We are trying to sign up for Boy Scouts but I am not having success in talking him into it!

Basketball was early on Saturday mornings, and that was rough on us. We are not early risers by any means, most days I am not out of bed before noon so having to be up, dressed and drive almost an hour to be somewhere by 9:00 AM was a nightmare! So glad it’s over! We’ve learned we can’t do morning activities.

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