Does Your Curriculum Include Both Convergent and Divergent Thinking?

Plan for Convergent and Divergent Thinking As you begin making plans for next school year, you’ll want to keep in mind the necessity of incorporating both convergent and divergent thinking into your curriculum selection. Experts recognize these as the two major types of brain challenges we all encounter. What is Convergent Thinking? Convergent thinking generally […]

What Kind of Manuals are in Timberdoodle's Core Curriculum Kits?

What Kind of Manuals are in Timberdoodle’s Core Curriculum Kits?

We are often asked about the documentation included in our Core Curriculum Kits, and with good reason. You know that your curriculum manual will set the tone for the year. With that in mind, we wanted our Scheduling Helps Folder to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study. We wanted you to […]


Homeschooling Your Baby – Catering to the Learning Style of Your Baby

In the academic world, our hands-on babies are at a disadvantage. These children learn best by doing… Keep in mind that God put those wiggles in your baby. When you think you just cannot clean up one more mess, tell yourself that to excel academically your baby needs as much active time as possible. I like to think that the more weary I am, the brighter my hands-on baby is becoming.