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Why Did Timberdoodle Add Curriculum Kits?

From time to time we’re asked why the focus of Timberdoodle has changed from the original DIY emphasis in 1985 to our current curriculum kits. At its inception Timberdoodle specialized in hard-to-find tools that would enable parents to develop their own curriculum plans for each child. Thirty years ago, the offerings were slim and hard […]

Teaching Textbooks

Is Teaching Textbooks Math Too Easy?

Math as Foreign Language In many ways, math is like a foreign language. Different courses will teach concepts in slightly different ways and even in different sequences. For instance, one might teach greetings first, while another emphasizes colors. Of course, neither approach is wrong, they simply reflect their teachers’ interests, approaches and opinions on the […]

Auditory Memory

Developing Your Child’s Auditory Memory

In a fascinating article written by Cyndi Ringoen, a neurodevelopmentalist, she pointed out that until a child has developed his auditory short-term memory, the ability to recall a sequence of numbers, phonics training would be unsuccessful. What that means is that to utilize phonics beyond memorizing individual sounds, a child must have an auditory short-term […]

planning Custom Curriculum Kits

Schedule Planning Your Custom Curriculum Kit

You’ve created your own custom curriculum kit (bravo!), and now you’re wondering if there is any help for scheduling? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! If you drop by http://timberdoodle.com/schedule you’ll find a free blank schedule form that can be used with absolutely any curriculum. Start with the annual planner and input the books/programs/kits you will be […]


FAQ about Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

GENERAL QUESTIONS • What’s the difference between Basic, Complete and Elite kits? • Is Timberdoodle curriculum accredited? • How do I teach multiple grades with Timberdoodle curriculum kits? CUSTOMIZATION QUESTIONS • Can we customize the kits on the website or do we have to call in and do it? It would be a lot easier […]