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9 Tips for Homeschooling Gifted Children

Mar 19, 2013 No Comments by

We had an email asking for tips for homeschooling a gifted daughter which prompted us to compile all our very best tips and tricks learned over the past decades. What would you add? 1. Disdain Busy-Work Your child wants to learn, so don’t slow her down! If she has mastered multiplication, why are you still […]

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2001 – The Saga of Solid Rock Farm

Oct 20, 2010 No Comments by

You may be wondering what our mini-farm has to do with Timberdoodle. A lot, actually! Solid Rock Farm was completely funded by Timberdoodle through the paychecks of us 5 kids. In addition to putting money toward clothes, gifts, tithe, treats, savings and more, we also agreed to put a certain portion of each paycheck into […]

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How Do You Do It All? Housework

Oct 07, 2010 No Comments by

Originally posted in a 1992 Timberdoodle Catalog. If you have been home teaching for any length of time, friends, relatives, and strangers have undoubtedly asked you, “how do you do it all?” Oftentimes, the implication is not only why would you do it all, but can you possibly do it all properly. What is “all”? […]

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Memory, Terry Small, Stephen Wiltshire, and Your Brain

Aug 11, 2009 No Comments

A year ago this month was the first time we heard speaker Terry Small at a local homeschool conference. We were immediately enthralled with what he had to say and deeply amused with his style of delivery. Acutely engaging, Terry will not easily let you be an inactive spectator in his sessions but soon has […]

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Dangerous Vaccines May Be Required For Young Girls!

Jul 07, 2009 No Comments

This is

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