Timberdoodle’s 2015 Conference Schedule Announced!

It’s a crazy-busy time here at Timberdoodle! Our 2015 Curriculum Kits are about to launch, our 2015 Curriculum Catalog is almost ready to go to the printer, and we are just weeks away from embarking on another season of homeschool conventions. As we busily get ready to travel thousands of miles back and forth across the country, we’re looking forward to seeing many of you along the way! Stop by our booth at any one of eight conventions to get a hands-on look at our hands-on curriculum. While you’re there, find out how you can earn a free eraser puzzle by trying […]

Timberdoodle Gift Guide Models 2011

Meet the Models!

Meet the models from our Fall 2011 Photo Shoot! We were delighted to have so many children work with us on the production of our 2011 Gift Guide, some new faces and many familiar ones. (Due to the size limitations of the gift guide we weren’t able to bring back all of the fantastic models who had worked with us in the past.) So, it is with much excitement that we introduce to you: Brothers Judah, Cohen, & Jax Judah, age 5 What would be the coolest pet to own? What would you name it? “An ostrich. I would name […]


Timberdoodle Complete Curriculum Kits Vs. Sonlight’s Curriculum Packages

…I feel silly asking you this, because of course you are a Timberdoodle supporter :-). but can you give me any thoughts about trying to choose between Timberdoodle and Sonlight? 🙂 Michele I’m happy to give you my perspective, though of course I know our curriculum much better than I know theirs, so you’ll want to keep that in mind! We actually like Sonlight, and have friends using it. It isn’t for all families though, particularly with its cost and the extensive reading required. If you have used Sonlight in the past, my first question would be just to ask […]

Joy, 13, Timothy, 12, David and Jonathan, twins age 9, and Joseph

Meet the 2011 Timberdoodle Models!

Ana, 5, & Abi, 1 Our featured cover child, Ana is adopted from Kazakhstan and her adorable sister is from Taiwan. We first got to know them through a mutual friend, and were so excited with them when Abi finally came home!     Andrew, 13 & David, 12 The youngest sons of our long-time friends, we were so glad that Andrew and David could be a part of this year’s photo shoot!     Annora, 3 Annora’s family is part of a new local church where some of us volunteer once a month to help out with childcare. This […]

Timberdoodle family in 1991

How Do You Do It All? Home Business

Originally published in a 1992 Timberdoodle catalog. How does a home teaching mom also find time to participate in a home business? More importantly, why?! Let me answer the why first. We do it not only to give our children real life skills, and to bolster confidence, but also to develop character. Our experience has shown that if our children are spending 2-3 hours a day in required schoolwork and 1-3 hours a day in required household chores, then apart from meals and other family times, our children would have anywhere from 5-8 hours of free time. While I won’t […]


Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

Gregg and Sono Harris have been longtime faithful homeschoolers here in the NorthWest for many years, and they and their children have been influential leaders for the cause of Christ throughout the world. Please keep husband Gregg and children Josh, Joel, Alex, Brett, Sarah, Isaac, and James in your prayers as they face this recent loss of Sono. Thanks to Randy Alcorn for this eulogy of the life of Sono Sato Harris and testimony to God’s faithful kindness in her life.


Engineering for Youngsters??

What we homeschoolers have been incorporating for years throughout our educating is now being brought into public schools! We have long believed that engineering is a foundational skill and should be taught young and often. So it is interesting to see, in this article by The New York Times, that this concept is now being brought into the lower grades of some public schools and is being reinforced, outside of the homeschooling community, as being an important component to education. Break out your construction sets or send your homeschoolers outside to engineer today!! Full article here.