Auditory Memory

Developing Your Child’s Auditory Memory

In a fascinating article written by Cyndi Ringoen, a neurodevelopmentalist, she pointed out that until a child has developed his auditory short-term memory, the ability to recall a sequence of numbers, phonics training would be unsuccessful. What that means is that to utilize phonics beyond memorizing individual sounds, a child must have an auditory short-term memory. This is perfectly logical, but what do you do if your child’s auditory memory needs work? The following e-mail conversation with Danielle is shared with her permission: My daughter is 4 (5 in April) and is almost done with the K kit. She is […]


6 Tools for Teaching Communication to Children with Autism

We have 5 primary goals for a child with autism, and the very first one is to learn to communicate. Whether you use sign language, flashcards or an ESL program, find a way that works for your child and keep plugging away at it, day in and day out. Once the child sees the value of communication your job gets easier. Keep raising the bar though, always being encouraged and encouraging, but never truly content with a less than complete grasp of language. With that in mind, here are our favorite 6 tools for teaching communication skills: ABLLS-R Of all […]

Krissy just after swimming in the lake

Autism Related Links

Reposted from a 2006 (?) article. In our search for information on autism, (see Krissy’s Story) we have discovered a few websites that have been very helpful for us and we are eager to share them with you. While we do not agree with everything said on any one of these sites, we hope that some of these will be as helpful for you as they have been for us. First Signs is a good place to find basic information about autism, diagnosis information, and links to numerous other sites, ranging from helpful to useless. The two we think […]


Krissy, Our Introduction To Autism

Krissy is the daughter of dear friends of ours and was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Despite participation in various early interventions through the public school system, she made agonizingly slow progress. At 5 years old, she finally began to talk, and at 6 had developed a large vocabulary of words, but had very limited communication skills. For instance, if she wanted a banana, she did not know to come ask for one. Instead if you asked her, “Do you want a banana?” she would echo, “banana” if she did want it, or be silent if she didn’t. Occasionally […]


25 Stories, 25 Giveaways To Celebrate Timberdoodle’s 25th Year!

Pictured: Joy 3, Hope 2, and Grace 1, way back in 1985. Can you believe it has been 25 years since Timberdoodle began? We can’t either, so we’ve planned 5 weeks of festivities to celebrate! For 25 days we’ll share a tidbit or story from Timberdoodle‘s history, along with a quick question for you to answer. Answer the question on Facebook and be automatically entered in the drawing for the free item of the day. The next morning we will draw a random number (compliments of and the person who wrote that comment wins. (IE, if 47 comments are […]


The Knight’s Story

Have you ever wondered how families with disabilities or deadly diseases can keep going day after day? Did you ever wonder what if your own family found out some “bad” news, would you remain faithful to Jesus? Or maybe you could still say that you love Him with your mouth but would you really embrace Him ferociously with your heart? God has done and is doing a great work in John Knight’s family. Here is a summary of his and his wife’s situation and Hope. This is four minutes you won’t have wasted. “This Was Grace” Extended Version from Andrew […]


Which Is More Tragic?

A Doctor’s license is lost over an “unsuccessful” abortion where the “wrong twin fetus” was aborted. And as Albert Mohler so wisely points out, “What is the real scandal here — that this doctor was ready to kill a baby with Down syndrome, or merely that he aborted ‘the wrong baby’?” If your children are mature enough to handle this information, this is an opportune time to work this story through with them, help them decipher where this whole tragedy begins and where it will inevitably lead. Read Albert Mohler’s Article Here.


Special Needs – A Blessing or a Curse?

I read an article on AP News yesterday, titled “Testing Curbs Some Genetic Diseases” and was stunned by its blatant tone of support for diminishing inherited diseases at any cost, even abortion. Testing Curbs Some Genetic Diseases appears to celebrate the fact that most parents are choosing to forgo bearing a special needs child, by whatever means possible. And by implication leads its readers to believe, “There is nothing good about special needs, God would not want this for you.” If after reading this article you are as disturbed as I was, then you may find these resources helpful: CHASK […]


Family Devotions with Special Needs Children

In response to an article I recently reposted about family devotions, there was a comment about the difficulty of doing family devotions when your family includes special needs children. This is a very valid and relevant concern, and one that many families are facing, so I will make mention of a few personal experiences. While our family currently does not have any special needs members, we did have an 8-year-old girl with severe autism live with us for about a year. I acknowledge that our experience is limited but here are a couple of things we found helpful. When Krissy […]