Extraordinaires Design Studio

The Extraordinary Versatility of the Extraordinaires Design Studio

A guest post by John Fiore. When the Creativity Hub set out to make a plaything that would introduce young people to design thinking, they ultimately created The Extraordinaires Design Studio®, a wonderful combination of empathy, design, and self­-esteem building that invites every child to do much more than just draw. As part of Timberdoodle’s Fifth Grade Curriculum Kit, The Extraordinaires Design Studio® can easily be integrated into a variety of subject area activities to support or extend values­-based curriculum goals. Writing and Empathy Every great design idea starts with a meaningful purpose. The larger-­than­-life clients depicted on the double­-sided Extraordinaires’ character cards have larger­-than-­life […]


Review of 20 Ways to Draw A Bike by Grace Christian Homeschool

There is a new review of 20 Ways to Draw a Bike over at Grace Christian Homeschool. We’re only going to share a sneak peek of it here with you, but all you have to do is click here to be able to read the whole thing and find out their thoughts on this great book. “There are many ways you could use 20 Ways to Draw a Bike – traveling, addition to art curriculum, on the road schooling, summer enrichment, fun activity for parents and children to do together, etc.”


Graffiti Art Lessons with Draw Tags Review by Chocolate Covered Boy Joy

There is a great review of Djeco Draw Tags over at Chocolate Covered Boy Joy. You’ll need to click over to the blog to read the full review, but we are sharing a sneak peek of it with you here. “…What I loved most about this Draw Tag kit were the extended learning opportunities and conversations it sparked…” It looks like they had a great time with it, so please be sure to click over and share in their fun yourself.