Indescribable review by The Art Kit

Dana says, “If you’re looking for easy-to-read science lessons (each just two short pages in length) that center around God, you will absolutely love this treasure of a book. With its easy-to-understand devotions about God and science and darling illustrations, your little ones won’t be able to able to put this book down.” Read the rest of her review at The Art Kit.


What Do Your Family Devotions Really Look Like?

As a foster family with little ones 1-4 years old, devotion time has radically changed from previous years, when we were a family of grown ups! Our morning devotion routine starts with gathering the family and getting the little ones seated quietly on the couch. Honestly, this is probably the most difficult part! Some mornings are finally almost effortless, but some mornings way more time is spent on obedience than on devotions. Not to worry, this is both normal and extraordinarily valuable for the children. In fact, the toddlers probably benefit more from that training than from the actual contents […]

Elijah fed by ravens

Why don’t we add a Bible portion to our curriculum?

Why don’t we add a Bible portion to our curriculum? From the time our children could sit in our laps, family devotion was a mainstay in our home, so teaching Bible to our children was paramount. But for too many families the sum total of Bible instruction for their children is Bible workbooks that are little more than read-and-regurgitate exercises, and that alarms me. Yes, I did want children to know the facts of the Bible – who killed a giant with a small stone; who was thrown into a lion’s den; and who changed water into wine, and The […]