Doodle Your Day review by So Every Day

Lacey says, “I have always been a fan of journals and notebooks that encourage you to record some memory or some thought daily.  I like them for me, personally.  And – I like them for the kids as students.  Sometimes I create journal topics myself for the kids to use in their school work and some years I know it will be much more productive to purchase an already planned journal for the kids to use. This Timberdoodle journal – Doodle Your Day – was given to my family in exchange for a review and it is one of the […]


Timberdoodle Story #55

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit? I don’t think I had any! Before my friend told me about Timberdooodle I was very stressed when I thought about the coming year and our family’s first year of homeschool. I have 3 boys with high energy and a limited attention span for book work. In addition I didn’t know where to start in finding a curriculum that would work for my sons that I didn’t have to spend hours planning and preparing. Timberdooodle solved all these problems for me […]


Tenzi review by Mama Smiles

MaryAnne says, “My children tend to change the rules of the games they play, so Tenzi’s “there is no wrong way to play” approach is perfect for us! Here are some ways we enjoy playing. Some of these alternative games were inspired by77 Ways to Play Tenzi card deck, which we were also sent.” Read the rest of her review at Mama Smiles.


Daily Geography review by Munchkin Time

Love says, “What is Daily Geography? Daily Geography Grade 1 is a work book for 1st grade students…  My daughter and I love using Daily Geography as our geography curriculum. After using Daily Geography for few weeks my daughter learned so much like what is a map key and symbols means.  We learned about rivers, lakes, hills and mountains, continents, oceans and neighborhoods.” Read the rest of her review at Munchkin Time.


Tiggly review by To Sow a Seed

Heather says, “…on occasion I find myself wanting to drill a specific concept or reinforce a skill, and turning to technology to help me out. I grab my iPad, scan my list of recommended apps, type a search term into the App Store, and hope for the best. And while I’m usually disappointed and revert to my tried-and-true methods (sorry, but a deck of cards and a couple of real live people trump time with a computer for educational value just about any day), sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised with the electronic offerings that the world of screens has brought into […]


Puzzleball Globe review by So Every Day

Lacey says, “Our family loves puzzles. Every year for Christmas there will be a puzzle under the Christmas tree.  Actually, I prefer to leave the puzzle under the tree, all wrapped up, until the day after Christmas.  And then, on that quiet day-after morning, there’s one present left to open.  Perfect for the after Christmas crash, we can just hang around the kitchen table, eat holiday leftovers and work lazily on a puzzle together.  The last wrapped gift is a puzzle – and we all know it – but no one knows what the subject of the puzzle will be.” […]


Timberdoodle Story #24

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit? My biggest concern was just more of the unknown. Not knowing what would be the right choice for my daughter. I wanted her to get a quality education but I wanted her to enjoy it. What did you discover that helped you overcome that? Realizing that there is no perfect curriculum. Knowing my daughter’s learning style and reading reviews helped me determine if subjects were going to be the right fit. I also know that things can be modified if needed […]


Robotis review from Mama Smiles

MaryAnne says, “I had been eyeing the Robotis Play 600 PETs set for a while when Timberdoodle asked if was interested in reviewing it. I couldn’t believe my luck! This STEM themed educational toy is a wonderful way for children to explore robotics engineering and design. It is the perfect way to introduce kids to robotics!” Read the rest of her review at Mama Smiles.