KidCoder Game Programming with Visual Basic Online Course Review by Natural Beach Living

We found some great KidCoder testers in the family over at Natural Beach Living. Their son eagerly jumped in and worked his way through the course. Head over to the blog to find out what kind of amazing things he learned through this program and see if it might be right for your family. Just to get you excited to click that button, here is an excerpt from her review: “The creative minds know how hectic life can be, especially when homeschooling, so the self-study designed program is perfect if you’re on the hunt for a course that requires little […]


My First Scissors and Kumon Let’s Cut Paper Review by Growing Up Creative

Over at Growing Up Creative, she’d been looking for the perfect pair of scissors for her young daughter, so when she got the chance to review My First Scissors, she jumped at the chance. She also got the bonus of reviewing Kumon Let’s Cut Paper, because they go together perfectly, of course. On her blog, you’ll find a full review, complete with more pictures and a cute video, but we’re happy to share this little teaser with you here. “…my favorite thing about the scissors were that they taught my daughter the proper form of holding a scissor.”

Fallacy Detective

The Fallacy Detective Review by Big Family Blessings

If you are looking for a way to teach your child about fallacies, Amanda over at Big Family Blessings has a recommendation for you. They have tested and reviewed The Fallacy Detective and written up their assessment of this great workbook. We’re sharing with you just a glimpse into her thoughts of it here; you’ll have to click over to her review to really get into what her and her child’s impression of it is. “I find that the lessons often lead into other discussions about what we believe and why. In the teen years those discussions can be difficult to start, […]

Critical & Creative

Critical & Creative Thinking Activities Grade 1 Review by The Relaxed Homeschool

Over at The Relaxed Homeschool, they understand the importance of critical thinking, so they were happy to review Critical & Creative Thinking Activities Grade 1. If you have been thinking about picking up one of these books for yourself, or if you didn’t even know they were out there, but would first like to get someone’s perspective on it, be sure to click over to her blog to read her full thoughts on it. For now, here is just a little of how they felt about it. “These pages are really fun and get your kids to put on their thinking […]


A Fun Way to Learn How to Write the Alphabet – Magnatab Review – by Pig & Dac

Jessica over at Pig & Dac hasn’t started officially started homeschooling yet, but she was excited to test out the Kid-O Magnetic Writing Tablet with her boys.  She’s written a great review over on her blog, which is where you’ll have to go to read the full critique, but here is just a bit of her insight. “The idea is to take a multi-sensory approach to really help integrate and master the skill of handwriting…Overall I think it’s helpful in teaching him to write letters in a fun way.”


Famous Figures of the Renaissance Review by Munchkin Time

Have you been looking for a fun way to work on history with your kids? Try checking out the Famous Figures books. Love over at Munchkin Time reviewed Famous Figures of the Renaissance with her girls and happily shares her thoughts on it, as well as some pictures and even a video with you, over on her blog. You’ll have to go there to read it, but we share a preview of it with you here. “My daughter and I absolutely love this book activity.  We can’t wait to learn about each of the famous figures and read recommended books.”


Dr Ransom’s Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies ~ Review by Hopkins Homeschool

Amanda over at Hopkins Homeschool has written a great review of a book with an interesting and intriguing name, The Amazing Dr Ransoms Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies. She’ll tell you all about it over on her blog, but here is just a little of her perspective on it. “These exercises will help your child identify the different fallacies in real life situations. When you add in the quizzes and tests, you take your knowledge of the fallacies to a whole new level, and mom (teacher) gets to see what you know!”


Children’s Puzzleball Globe Review by Homeschool Gameschool

Over at Homeschool Gameschool, Meg enlisted the help of her kids to review the Ravensburger XXL Puzzleball Globe and it was a hit, even with the non-puzzlers. “But here’s the cool thing about this Puzzleball: Once you assemble it, you have a globe that your child can refer to in their other lessons!” Click over to her blog to read the rest of the review to find out what else they thought.


Pajaggle! Review by Growing Up Creative

Growing Up Creative has posted a fun Pajaggle review, complete with several pictures and even a video. “My favorite aspect of Pajaggle is that when it is played with 2 players, no matter the age difference, no one has to slow it down for the younger player. At age 6, my son can play to his full potential against any adult, and the adult can do the same because both can use the same skills needed to play…” This is just a snippet of what they thought, but if you click here you can read their full thoughts on it.

20 Ways to Draw a Bike

Review of 20 Ways to Draw A Bike by Grace Christian Homeschool

There is a new review of 20 Ways to Draw a Bike over at Grace Christian Homeschool. We’re only going to share a sneak peek of it here with you, but all you have to do is click here to be able to read the whole thing and find out their thoughts on this great book. “There are many ways you could use 20 Ways to Draw a Bike – traveling, addition to art curriculum, on the road schooling, summer enrichment, fun activity for parents and children to do together, etc.”