Timberdoodle Story #123

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit? My biggest concern was being able to successfully homeschool my child. What did you discover that helped you overcome that? I dreamed of homeschooling my child. I always knew it would be the best choice for our family. I just didn’t have the level of confidence I needed in the beginning; I worried about being the best teacher for him. I was totally overwhelmed by all the curriculum options and how to piece them together. I searched for information on Pinterest […]


Wordsmithy review by Wonder Filled Days

Suzanna says, “I always thought that either someone knew how to write well or not. I thought it was something you were born with. It wasn’t until I was teaching my own children to write that I realized I was wrong. I started reading books about writing and I realized that writing is a skill that can be taught… That’s why I appreciated Douglas Wilson’s book Wordsmithy.  In it, he offers practical tips on becoming a better writer. This book doesn’t include the writing assignments that are included in many writing books, but life-long habits that will make sure you […]


DIY Electro-Dough review by Mommy Octopus

Erin says, “What fun we have had with the DIY Electro-Dough Kit!  The 10 lesson instructional guide has been a huge resource in learning more about circuits and putting together some fun projects.  When we get the kit out, my kids play happily for hours building all sorts of creations and testing to see if their circuit is complete.” Read the rest of her review at Mommy Octopus.


Extreme Dot-to-Dots review by Grace Christian Homeschool

Melissa says, “Raise your hand if you love dot to dot pictures! If so, I have a fantastic resource for you. Only thing though – this one is extreme and I do mean extreme! We were sentExtreme Dot-to-Dots: Spectacular Places from Timberdoodle to review and we have all had a blast trying our hand at it.” You can read her review at Grace Christian Homeschool.


Timberdoodle Story #70

Before you decided to use Timberdoodle, what was your biggest obstacle or concern about using a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit? I would say that price was a consideration. I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room in our budget for curriculum. Also, I sometimes had pieces of the kit already and didn’t want to have to get copies. What did you discover that helped you overcome that? Being able to make the customized kits now is a great help to work around items you already own or just to jockey the price a little to fit into your plan. Grandparents are […]


Roadworthy review by Bear Creek Felting

Teresa says, “Our family is right in the middle of several new driving experiences. One of my children is headed off to college and will be driving in a large city for the first time by herself, one just got his license this year and has no fear, and one is just starting to study for his permit. I was happy to get the opportunity to review the Roadworthy DVD from Timberdoodle.   Sure I have survived teaching 3 teenagers to drive so far, but I was still curious to see what this DVD had to offer.” Check out her review at […]

words-to-teach-and-empower-non-verbal-children (2)

Teach Your Baby to Sign review by Kara Carrero

Kara says, “Our children tend to be late talkers. However, they have always founds ways to communicate their needs regardless of the spoken word. But to ease the struggle and frustration both for our kids and for ourselves, we have aimed to work on using sign language  to better converse with our tiny tots… …the collection of Teach Your Baby to Sign cards… was exactly what we needed. My nearly two year old who had around 6-8 spoken words, now signs consistently and even says many of the signs we have taught her!” Read the rest of Kara’s review at […]


Circuit Maze review from Proverbial Homemaker

Tauna says, “We know that kids remember so much more when their lessons are more hands-on and interactive. My oldest boy (8) is no exception! I’m pretty sure games and puzzles are his love language. He was absolutely thrilled with what I found to help him learn about electricity – using logic puzzles!  Circuit Maze is a single-player game for ages 8 and up, although my 6 year old used it happily with just a little help at the beginning.” Read the rest of her review at Proverbial Homemaker.