Dr. Ransom’s Bestiary review by Big Family Blessings

Amanda says, “This month Timberdoodle Co sent The Amazing Dr. Ransom’s Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies: A Field Guide for Clear Thinkers for review. This book teaches readers to identify and ‘exterminate’ fifty informal fallacies by introducing each fallacy through an adorable yet dangerous beast… These cute yet dangerous beasts really do aid in my understanding and retaining the difference between all these fallacies!” Read the rest of her review at Big Family Blessings.


Tenzi review from So Every Day

Lacey says, “Here are several ways that I knew Tenzi was a keeper in our home:  I packed this as one of the only games that we took across country to the dude ranch with us.  At Lost Valley Ranch, the kids actually played this game with some of their new friends.  When we are home and friends come to visit, this game comes off the shelf.  Grown ups and kids say “yes” to playing without any of the eye rolling and self talk that comes with agreeing to play such games as Risk and Monopoly.” Read the rest of […]


Famous Figures review by Smithspirations

Kristen says, “…I’ve noticed that my third child hasn’t gotten as much exposure to history stories this year. Miss L and Mr. M, the oldest two, typically team up for independent reading and history projects, but I struggled through the year to read the great history books from the library out loud to our kindergartener. I wanted her to start developing a general understanding of history: the people and events that all intertwined to shape the world we live in today. But making the time to do it? Well, it wasn’t getting done. But when a book of cutout paper […]

Figures in Motion

Famous Figures review by Greatly Blessed

Shecki says, “Timberdoodle generously sent me three whole books of “bendy guys” (and gals!) to use in our homeschool.  We received Famous Figures of Ancient Times, Famous Figures of the Renaissance, and Famous Figures of the American Revolution for review purposes.  Each book comes with a full color, double sided bookmark.  We also received a hole punch and 3 packs of mini brads to make assembly a snap. I was very excited when they arrived and I realized that each character comes both in outline and full color!  We could use these books as a review of what we’ve learned about […]


How to Draw Almost Everything review by The Flanders Family

Jennifer says, “Even though I wouldn’t recommend this book for a serious, experienced art student, I definitely think it deserves its place in Timberdoodle’s catalog and can understand why they offer it. How to Draw Almost Everything is a great choice for a variety of students: Younger children who like to draw and want to improve their skills Beginning students who don’t know what to draw or where to start Reluctant learners who are convinced they have no talent for drawing Older, inexperienced students who’ve never really tried before” Read the rest of her review at The Flanders Family Website. […]


Marie’s Words review by Farm Fresh Adventures

Lisa says, “I am a sucker for using big words. My husband always laughs at me when I use them, but I can’t help it! I love big words. When I was in school, I ALWAYS reached for my thesaurus so I could jazz up my papers. Who doesn’t like words like superfluous, incandescent, pithy, and extraneous? They just feel good in my mouth. The challenge is remembering what they mean. You can read definitions all day long, but that doesn’t mean you will retain it. This is especially true for those who are trying to broaden their vocabulary for […]


Critical & Creative review by Chasing Supermom

Bekki says, “Towards the end of the school year, I found that we finished up several of our curriculums, but still had necessary hours to complete. I needed to find a meaningful and worthwhile activity to fill our time – and found Critical and Creative Thinking Activities. As a parent and teacher, I loved the way these workbooks focused on critical thinking, reasoning, and logic in a fun and engaging way. The best part? My kids loved the books too!!” Read the rest of her review at Chasing Supermom.


Daily Geography review by As They Grow Up

Samantha says, “Recently our family was introduced to Evan-Moor educational books. I have looked at them over the years, but for some reason ever purchased. When given the opportunity through Timberdoodle to review the Evan-Moor Daily Geography Grade 4 and Beginning Geography I couldn’t resist. Needless to say, we really enjoy these books.” Read the rest of her review at As They Grow Up.

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Critical & Creative Thinking review by Investing Love

Alicia says, “I’m happy to say that I have found the most painless and effective (and fast) resource for my kids to do each morning in the summertime–something that works their brain muscles really hard but at the same time just feels like they’re doing a bunch of fun puzzles–it’sCritical and Creative Thinking Activities.” Read the rest of her review at Investing Love.