Wordsmithy ~ A Book Review by Hopkins Homeschool

How do you teach writing without actual writing? Let Amanda over at Hopkins Homeschool tell you about Wordsmithy, “A simple book to read that will give ideas on how to be a better writer without the actual writing.” But she has much more to say about it than that. Just click here to go to her blog and read her full review. She reviewed it with her son who “hates” to write, so there really is no one better to review it than this family.

Famous Figures

Famous Figures of the Renaissance Review by Homeschool Gameschool

The family over at Homeschool Gameschool was able to use the articulated figures from Famous Figures of the Renaissance to work on their history while they reviewed them. If you click over to the blog she’ll tell you her thoughts on them, as well as list everything she loves about them. “Lots and lots of great questions and conversation happened because of these paper dolls.” Learn about history AND have fun? Sounds great to me! Click here to read all of her thoughts on this great item and see the other pictures she’s shared with us.


Review of Tenzi Dice Game and Card Deck by Grace Christian Homeschool

Grace Christian Homeschool definitely had some fun reviewing TENZI and the TENZI Card Deck. If you head over to their blog, you can find out for yourself how to play and even watch a video of them showing you how to play not only the standard version, but also several variations. And this doesn’t have to be just a game. As Melissa puts it, “To sneak in some fun learning, there are also many options available to add this fun game into your educational curriculum.” Click here to check out the blog post for yourself and see what else she has to say.


Timberdoodle Review – Paint by Number Museum Series by My Three Girls

Heather over at My Three Girls wants to tell you about a fantastic art kit that she tested out with her girls. She has posted some amazing pictures along with the review to give you a real great idea of the whole process of working through Paint-by-Number Museum Series – set of 4. And besides being a fun art project, you can also work it into your lesson plans. Just to get you even more excited about her review and the kit, we’re sharing part of what she has to say here, “I had so much fun painting this and the kit […]

Easy Grammar

Review: Easy Grammar by Mommy Octopus

Are you looking for a way to work on grammar with your child? Or maybe a way to refresh grammar rules for yourself? Then you should check out Easy Grammar Plus. But don’t take it from me. Let Mommy Octopus tell you about it over on her blog review. She said, “We highly recommend Easy Grammar.  I’ve seen huge improvements in my children’s writing and they understand more about grammar from using this book….,” but had a lot of other things to say about it too. So click here and head over to read the rest to learn more about it […]


Pajaggle Chaotically Fun Puzzle Game Review by Munchkin Time

This Pajaggle review by Munchkin Time not only tells you about the game and their thoughts on it, but also includes a video to show you some of the variations of using the game. Part of what they thought of it is, “There are many educational benefits in this game.  When playing Pajaggle Board Game it improves concentration, attentiveness and mental sharpness.  That is pretty cool!” Now, you’ll have to go to the blog to read and watch the rest of their thoughts on it, but now I’m sure you want to, so just click here. 


Fostering Creativity with Design Studio Pro Review by Little Earthling Blog

If I said things to you like, “To play they need to think, work and be creative…It can be played over and over with nearly endless combinations…This would also work well in a camp or classroom situation!” that sounds like something you’d want to know more about, right? Me too! Well you can. Those are all statements from Renee over at Little Earthling Blog, and she’s talking about her thoughts on Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro. She has much more to say about it over on the full review on her blog, as well as a plethora of fun pictures of them […]


It’s a Small World! (Timberdoodle Review) by The Flanders Family Website

“Although we keep the basics of reading and math going all summer, my younger kids take a break from their other school subjects… unless I can find a way to sneak some teaching in without them knowing it, like I did last week with this Ravensburger puzzle globe from Timberdoodle…” That’s just part of what Jennifer had to say in her review of the Ravensburger XXL Children’s Globe 180-Piece Puzzleball over on her blog The Flanders Family Website. If you’re looking for a way to sneak in some learning during the summer, or a fun way to perk up your geography, or […]

Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: A Timberdoodle Review by So Every Day

The gang over at So Every Day had fun reviewing Mixed By Me Thinking Putty, with each of the kids getting to create their own tin of thinking putty in the way they wanted with some color, some shimmer, even some glow-in-the-dark add-ins. Lacey, the mom, says, “I really am amazed at how something so very small as Thinking Putty can truly entertain all of them for the longest amount of time.  (And the best part – no screens required!)” They will be happy to tell you even more about it over at their blog, just click here.


KidCoder Game Programming with Visual Basic Online Course Review by Natural Beach Living

We found some great KidCoder testers in the family over at Natural Beach Living. Their son eagerly jumped in and worked his way through the course. Head over to the blog to find out what kind of amazing things he learned through this program and see if it might be right for your family. Just to get you excited to click that button, here is an excerpt from her review: “The creative minds know how hectic life can be, especially when homeschooling, so the self-study designed program is perfect if you’re on the hunt for a course that requires little […]