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10 FAQs About 2016 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

With the release of the 2016 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits you’ve had many great questions for us. Here are our top 10 questions and answers so far. Please let us know if you have any more questions we can answer. We want you to be as excited as we are! Why did you switch to Math-U-See instead of Mathematical Reasoning? Do the components of the old kits stay on your website? Why did you switch to First Language Lessons instead of Language Smarts? Do I get reward points and the appropriate gift certificate during the pre-sale? Will the kits be available […]


Meet Our New Bloggers

Adventures in Homeschooling is a Navy family, homeschooling two of their three children and has been a Timberdoodle subscriber and convention visitor for years. Their Navy life has added some adventure for you to follow along with. You can also find her on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook. Samantha of As They Grow Up is a mom to four children, homeschooling the two that are elementary-school age; their oldest is an RN, and their other daughter is in college. They love many things such as organic gardening, biking, camping, and hiking. When asked what theme song would play when she enters a room, she […]


Doodle Timberdoodle’s 2016 Catalog!

Would you like your family’s artistry featured in a Timberdoodle catalog? Or perhaps you’re more interested in winning one of the 3 amazing prizes or taking up to $5 off your next Timberdoodle order? We’re collecting doodles for consideration in our 2016 Curriculum Catalog and Curriculum Handbooks, and we would love to consider your doodles! Entries of all skill levels are welcome; we find the toddler’s “bug” as appealing as the teenager’s B-17 or Dad’s beehive. If you or your child isn’t sure where to start, take a look at this PDF packed with suggestions! To Enter: 1. Doodle Use […]


Should I Get Timberdoodle’s Preschool or PreK Kit?

I am trying to decide on curriculum for fall this year, and don’t want my child to be bored. He knows colors, shapes and numbers to ten and can recognize letters. He can cut straight lines only. He will be 4 in October of this year. Should I get the PreK or the preschool? From the description of your son’s aptitudes, his preschool skills seem to be quite solid. Our PreK kits are designed for ages 3-4, so he perfectly fits into the typical age range for the PreK curriculum as well. Placement really (depends, hinges, is based upon [you’d […]


What If Someone Else Ran Your Booth?

Since announcing Why Timberdoodle Won’t Be At Conventions in 2016, we’ve been blown away by all the generous offers to staff a Timberdoodle booth for us. Knowing the work that goes into just family scheduling, unloading, and reloading, we are stunned that you could even consider doing this for us. Unfortunately though, there are multitudes of complicating factors such as taxes, training, product demo logistics, etc. that make it impossible this year. For instance, we estimate that just the demo copies of the grades and their displays would be close to 1,000 pounds. Can you imagine the shipping to bounce […]

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Why Timberdoodle Won’t Be At Conventions in 2016

After much prayer, deliberation and discussion, Timberdoodle has made the difficult decision to forgo all homeschool conferences this year. We totaled both our rig and our trailer in our wreck last year, which plunged us into much consideration and debate as we sought wisdom from God to see if we should pursue investing in a new rig, or whether we should take a year off from attending conferences to regroup. It is with both sadness and peace that we have concluded that a year off from conferences is our next step. Our convention crew will truly miss you all, your […]

Animal Kingdom Coloring Book

Coloring: A Surprising Brain Booster

One of 2015’s biggest and perhaps most unexpected art trends has got to be the intricate coloring books for adults. Widely peddled for their stress-relieving benefits, I see their advantages through a slightly different lens. Not only have I taught five children to read, but I have also communicated with countless parents around the globe who have confirmed that beginning readers are often the fingernails on the chalkboard of homeschooling. While it is vital to listen to a beginning reader as he painfully sounds out word after word, if you find this task not just mind numbing but threatening to […]

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Why Did Timberdoodle Add Curriculum Kits?

From time to time we’re asked why the focus of Timberdoodle has changed from the original DIY emphasis in 1985 to our current curriculum kits. At its inception Timberdoodle specialized in hard-to-find tools that would enable parents to develop their own curriculum plans for each child. Thirty years ago, the offerings were slim and hard to come by. But as the years passed, resources proliferated until it truly became overwhelming to new homeschoolers. Family after family contacted Timberdoodle to ask, “Well, if it was your 1st grader, where would you start?” By 2009 we had lists of suggestions for each […]

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Is Teaching Textbooks Math Too Easy?

Math as Foreign Language In many ways, math is like a foreign language. Different courses will teach concepts in slightly different ways and even in different sequences. For instance, one might teach greetings first, while another emphasizes colors. Of course, neither approach is wrong, they simply reflect their teachers’ interests, approaches and opinions on the best possible way to learn the material. If you took a test part way through the course, you’d find you did better in one area than another, and depending on the bent of the test-writer, you might even find that your knowledge of greetings gave […]


Timberdoodle’s 2015 Conference Schedule Announced!

It’s a crazy-busy time here at Timberdoodle! Our 2015 Curriculum Kits are about to launch, our 2015 Curriculum Catalog is almost ready to go to the printer, and we are just weeks away from embarking on another season of homeschool conventions. As we busily get ready to travel thousands of miles back and forth across the country, we’re looking forward to seeing many of you along the way! Stop by our booth at any one of eight conventions to get a hands-on look at our hands-on curriculum. While you’re there, find out how you can earn a free eraser puzzle by trying […]