Chemistry 101 review by Wonder-filled Days

Suzanna says, “I have two sons doing high school chemistry this year.  This year I have a son in 9th grade and one in 11th so one of them is using Integrated Physics and Chemistry and one of them is using Jay Wile’s Discovering Design with Chemistry. So when Timberdoodle offered me a copy of Chemistry 101 in exchange for a review I jumped at the chance.  I knew that having a teacher that’s passionate about the subject matter would make Chemistry come alive for them.” Read the rest of her review at Wonder-filled Days.

ElectroDough Recipe

Recipe for Conductive Dough

Making your own play dough is easy, fun, and inexpensive. The kids love helping mix in the colors… or mixing together two different colors of finished play dough to see what new color they can make. Obviously, there are endless sculptures to be created with play dough, but did you know it can also be used to conduct electricity? Here’s a recipe for an easier to make conductive play dough from our team here at Timberdoodle. It can be used along with our DIY Electro-Dough Kit for a fun summer activity. Conductive Dough Ingredients 1 cup water 6 oz salt 1 […]


Surprise! Curriculum Planning Really Isn’t For Everyone. (Let’s build curriculum kits)

Families tell us they love our Core Curriculum Packages but I wonder how many realize why it took us so long to offer that option. For over twenty years we clung to the belief that if you were going to go to the work of homeschooling, you would want to hand-select each item for each child. After all, that was what our family had chosen to do! Of course, we had always been eager to help families, and it was not uncommon for a mom to call asking where to start for a particular grade. We would give some recommendations […]


Sonic Booms Explained

Tuesday we discovered that we really didn’t understand what “breaking the sound barrier” practically means. When two F-15 fighter jets broke the sound barrier (responding to an attempted intercept of an aircraft which had invaded the Temporary Flight Restriction area imposed for President Obama’s visit to Seattle) and triggered sonic booms which were heard throughout the Puget Sound region, we realized that while everyone was talking about the event no one could explain it. If you also find yourself struggling to explain the concept to your homeschoolers, than you will probably be just as grateful as we are for this […]



Nine different pictures of vibrantly colored Ice Jellies posted on BBC’s website, don’t let your homeschooled children miss out on seeing these marvelous creations! My favorite is the large colonial physonect siphonophore Marrus orthocanna! Say that 5 times fast….say that at all…. 🙂


Facts On Friction

This Friday’s movie clip from the past is for your inquisitive homeschooled child. An olden day ad for Chevrolet, this clip is full of information on friction, what it does for speed and how it impacts the design of a brake pad in Chevrolet vehicles. I can already think of one homeschooled child I know who would especially enjoy this clip!


Why Do Flamingos Stand On One Foot?

Have your homeschooled children ever wondered why flamingos spend so much of their time standing only on one foot? If so, they are not alone. And while many theories have been proposed none have yet been conclusive. Now a new theory has been propose that may in fact prove accurate. Reported by BBC Earth News: The scientists ruled out each (reducing fatigue in the birds’ legs, or escaping from predators more quickly) as a benefit of standing on one leg… however researchers did find that flamingos prefer to stand on one leg far more often when they are standing in […]


Memory, Terry Small, Stephen Wiltshire, and Your Brain

A year ago this month was the first time we heard speaker Terry Small at a local homeschool conference. We were immediately enthralled with what he had to say and deeply amused with his style of delivery. Acutely engaging, Terry will not easily let you be an inactive spectator in his sessions but soon has you along with everyone else, laughing, encouraging, joking, antsy with anticipation, fluctuating from relaxed to on edge, perpetually interesting he keeps you engaged and learning. His topic: Your Brain. We came home from that homeschool conference (WATCH) brimming with new information about our brains, many […]